1. This website is built using a center layout approach, a typical desktop website layout, at the visible area, a speical link will open a iframe to show the webiste owner's google search result, so the what you see is not only graphic but have a dense of info shown up here.

    Next is the primary introduction to the website owner "May May Miller", below that is the photo galleries, here is the slide show in a row, click on one of it will open a new page,at that page using the jquery light box show style.

    Next is the advertisement section, the last section is the website footer. header and footer and the style of the site will be in a theme.

    The second top page is a store, this is a embeded mini store, it is very compact at the ui design aspect.

    The third top page is a wordpress blog, using a theme here. by the way, I am doing a restufl api with responsive framework like bootstrap project now, if interested in a responsive blog website, drop me a line at vincent.feng200@gmail.com

    At The films page, videos been sold here, we also can do coupon code, bundle the media access with the item at the mini store.

    The site's logo design is fonts composing of shining gems. this design is compatible with the fact the site owner is a female.

    This is an example that what we can do for a regular desktop first business website right now.

  2. This is our partner business rising star seo, it is a desktop first design, there is not much to say about the design, just another sample, at the home page, the contents inside the macbook laptop can change. and the logo is stone fonts with light.

  3. This is the first example to showcase the responsive web design, when you resize the browser window width, the layout collpase into mobile ui.

    the background image right under the fix top menu is big, and autosilde in a certian period time, on top of image is some market promption line and a input form, when the backgournd images move, the input form and lines is fixed at the same place. this layout make the ui more efficent to convey the info. and make things functional in a small space.

    The logo is in a metalistic style

  4. This one is to showcase using angular.js to manage the ui.

    All the editible ui items is alongside with the read mode item, it is a in place design

    The logo is made of stone fonts with gaps in the middle

  5. This site is for a chinese financial website revision. it is a responsive design.

  6. This site is a snapshot of work to a point, the big slideshow section is fullwidth with the screen, the feel would be bolder in a sense.






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